Let's EMPOWER Them To  

Understand Their Role in Their Care Management
Partner With Physicians to Maintain Their Health
Participate in Preventative Care and Screening

Dr. Peter Edelstein is a dynamic, engaging, and passionate speaker who leaves audiences feeling empowered to take greater control of their health and their lives.

Audiences who hear Dr. E at Corporate Events, Association Meetings and Professional Society Gatherings are

because they are MORE LIKELY TO:

Actively Care for Themselves at Home

Simple home activities can prevent emergency room visits and hospitalizations for patients suffering from heart failure, diabetes, and other chronic conditions.

Correctly Take Prescription Medications

More than 25% of patients fail to correctly take prescription medications, at an annual cost of $170B!

Participate in Preventative Care

Less than 50% of eligible Americans receive an annual flu vaccination!

Undergo Simple Cancer Screening

Routine screenings detect early stage, treatable malignancies or even prevent cancer!

Dr. E's Presentation Topics
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Choosing a cancer physicianThrough his extraordinary combination of humor, knowledge, and “infectious enthusiasm,” Dr. E explains even complex aspects of healthcare and disease to non-clinicians, providing them with the framework and confidence through which to better participate in their own healthcare decisions.

A nationally recognized patient advocate, Dr. E having has appeared on numerous television and radio shows (including a weekly segment on WTOP radio, Washington, D.C.) and in print (his Patient Power blog on PsychologyToday.com, one of the most visited internet health sites, is routinely listed as an Essential Read).

Author of "Own Your Cancer: A Take-Charge Guide for the Recently Diagnosed & Those Who Them", Dr. E’s experience as a double board-certified surgeon, award-winning educator, healthcare reform expert, and healthcare physician executive provide him with a powerful foundation on which to educate your audience.

Now you can empower and entertain your audience by bringing Dr. E to speak at your event! Everyone is or will at some time become a patient within our rapidly evolving healthcare system, so there is truly no one who will not benefit from Dr. E’s insight and guidance while feeling engaged by his personality and style.

Topic: Why It’s Now More Critical Than Ever That You “Own Your Health!”

Speaking Topic: Why It’s Now More Critical Than Ever That You “Own Your Health!”
  • With doctors and hospitals busier than ever, we all must learn how to overcome our cultural barriers in order to develop true partnerships with our care providers and to take charge of our health.
  • Everyone is smart enough to learn the basics about their health – whether preventing a heart attack or cancer or managing their disease. They just don’t know it!

Topic: Looking for the Right Doctor? Pick a Babysitter!

Speaking Topic: Looking for the Right Doctor?  Pick a Babysitter!
  • How do most of us find our specialists? We’re referred by a doctor who likely knows little about who you really are! We should pick our physician partners as we pick our children’s babysitters: WITH GREAT CARE!

Topic: My Opinion on Second Opinions

Speaking Topic: My Opinion on Second Opinions
  • It’s amazing how often people with very advanced or complex illnesses refuse to seek a second opinion for fear of insulting their doctor. That’s crazy, given that it’s your health, quality of life, and even survival that are on the line…

Topic: Should I Pack the Car and Head to the Mayo Clinic?

Speaking Topic: Should I Pack the Car and Head to the Mayo Clinic?
  • When is care in your community hospital good enough?
  • When does it truly matter where you seek your care?

Topic: Own Your Cancer: A Take-Charge Guide for the
Recently Diagnosed & Those Who Love Them

Speaking Topic: Own Your Cancer
  • The three most frightening words in the English language… “You have cancer.” This deep dive into understanding the important basics in approaching and treating your cancer (or your loved one’s) empowers audiences in how to play an active role in the decisions regarding their care and their lives.

Topic: Understanding Your Genetic Profile

Speaking Topic: Understanding Your Genetic Profile
  • Angelina Jolie's decision to undergo surgical removal of both her breasts and ovaries based on a genetic mutation is but one example of how today, "Personalized Medicine and Genomics" directly impact your health care decisions. But for most people, genetics is a foreign language.
  • Dr. E teaches you the very simple basics of genetics and an understanding of how your personal genetic profile impacts your risk of developing cancer and influences your response to common medications. You'll then be empowered to discuss your genetic profile with your physician partners to further your health!

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