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Speaking Topic: Own Your Cancer

Why “Own Your Health?” After all, isn’t it the safest and smartest thing to leave your healthcare decisions to the doctors? No!

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  • Do You Know the 3rd Leading Cause of Death? You Should!

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In order to Own Your Health, you must play an active role in all of the major decisions that impact your care, starting with the selection of your Physician Partners.

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  • Looking for the Right Doctor? Pick a Babysitter!

Many patients don’t know when to seek a Second Opinion or are worried that doing so will insult their doctor. Here’s the reality!

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  • My Opinion on Second Opinions.

Keeping your immune system healthy is critical to preventing illness and fighting sickness. Appropriate nutrition is key to immune health.

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If you or a loved one is battling cancer, visit this website’s CANCER PATIENT RESOURCES page. Even if you are NOT battling cancer, take a look at the CANCER PATIENT RESOURCES page, as much of the information is useful for people dealing with non-malignant conditions.