Own Your Cancer:
A Take-Charge Guide for the Recently Diagnosed and Those Who Love Them

Take charge of your cancer

This is a critical time in your life's journey.
Who do you and your family & friends turn to?
Who guides you through the challenges of cancer staging & treatment?
Who Takes Charge? YOU DO.

Just as no two people are the same, no two cancer patients are the same. Each cancer patient and each cancer is unique. However, it is faster and, frankly, easier for the health care system to view all cancer patients similarly. In order for cancer patients to ensure that their care is appropriately tailored to meet their unique medical, personal, and emotional needs, they must maintain their independence and authority over their lives - they must "own their cancer." Cancer ownership does not mean that the patient does not fear dying from the cancer. Cancer ownership means that the patient chooses to remain in charge of her or his life, a life that now includes cancer. Cancer owners accept that there are now things to learn and decisions to be made to determine with whom and how best to fight the malignancy. Moving from "cancer victim" to "cancer owner" is the most important first step a newly diagnosed person can take.

Own Your Cancer By Dr. Peter Edelstein

Own Your Cancer Table Of Contents:

I. Why Did I Buy This Book?
II. What the Hell Do You Mean, "Own Your Cancer?"
III. I've Got Cancer . . . What Now?
IV. Keep Wiping Your Own Ass
V. Now The Medical Stuff: The "Lingo" Of Cancer
VI. I Hope You Haven't Met: How Cancer Spreads
VII. Just Look At A Map: How Your "Cancer Burden" Is Staged
VIII. It's All About You, Baby: Picking Your Doctors
IX. The Witches' Brew: Understanding Cancer Treatments
X. I Think I'll Just Drink Wheat Grass Juice
XI. Talking About The Scary Stuff
XII. You May Not Like Your Relatives, But You Should Help Them
XIII. What About Sex? Living With Cancer
XIV. So Now You Know . . .

Own Your Cancer Book Reviews

Empowering Patients & Their Loved Ones

Book Reviews For Own Your Cancer By Dr. Peter Edelstein
  • Own Your Cancer is a call to arms for those recently diagnosed. Dr. Peter Edelstein's deep well of experience as a cancer surgeon, coupled with his strong voice, combine to create an authentic, knowledgeable and detailed text of how to navigate the early days of cancer diagnosis: those must-dos and those never-dos. This isn't your mother's cancer self-help book. His mano-a-mano, direct style is a best thought of as advice from your buddy who always has the right answers and is unafraid to tell you so.”

     - Rick Boulay, MD, division director of gynecologic oncology, Lehigh Valley Health Network
  • “Being a doctor is one thing. Being a doctor who 'gets it' is entirely another. Dr. Peter Edelstein's experience, perspective, and attitude clearly separate him from the pack, and this book embodies just that - a no-nonsense and disruptive take on the traditional 'Welcome to Cancer' book that no one reads anyway.”

     - Matthew Zachary, founder of StupidCancer.org

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Own Your Cancer Testimonials
"Dr. E, I have to tell you a story that will make you feel good & bad at the same time... I was reading Chapter 2, and in the middle of it, I had to put it down. I was sitting on my bed and just sobbing. I was reading and kept thinking I wish Bob & I had this book when he was sick. And I wish my sister and John had it while he was ill. I know in retrospect what a difference it would have made."

- A reader who lost her husband and brother-in-law to cancer